Ice Master

"The Ice Scraper with the patented design configured to work with any ice condition"

Developed in Colorado, the Ice Master is built for unforgiving winter weather. The Ice Master clears hard ice and frost and cracks thicker ice. Four blade positions allow the Ice Master to perform in the worst icy conditions. The blades lock in three different ice-scraping positions, and the ice-breaking teeth provide the fourth ice removal option. The Ice Master clears any and all ice! The brass blades are tough but nonabrasive. The annealed brass is also deburred to remove any sharp edges. The rounded brass blades will easily cut frost, but they will not scratch glass. The brass blades flex against the curves of your windows and windshield to provide the most effective nonabrasive scraping action. Yet, the Ice Master remains strong under cold temperature extremes.


  • Pivoting head maintains optimum angle for ice removal.
  • Easy to use: blades lock either open, closed, or into the dual-blade pivot with one quick push or pull action, even with gloves on.
  • Brass blades flext to conform to curved glass.
  • Stows in your door pocket.
  • Ergonomically styled for comfortable use.
  • Soft grip handle provides a secure grip, with or without gloves.
  • Made from the highest quality materials to provide years of service.

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